We are the next generation of property acquisition and transaction advisory services.

We believe that asset development or retirement planning through real estate ownership should be a simple matter for everyone and not just reserved for institutional investors.

We want to create access to knowledge and tools that make asset development easy and successful for everyone.

The times when knowledge was reserved for the few are over! And we always see ourselves as being a unit with our customers, single-mindedly representing their interests – externally and internally, whilst refusing all compromises, window-dressing or false promises. We decide which partners can ensure progress and the success of our customers. We do not provide a service; we live the project!

Memba Real Estate – Service like no other.


Okitonga Memba
Founder & Entrepreneur

We want to do things better and set new standards in an industry that remains inaccessible for many people.

We are determined to break down barriers, simplify complex issues and create access to limited opportunities that can be used to increase individual wealth through real estate transactions.

We want to write real success stories for you and with you. Sustainably.

To provide advice as we would like to be advised ourselves.

Increased opacity, regulations and requirements of the real estate and financial markets overwhelm private investors and increase the demand for “guides”, who can minimise excess complexity and at the same time bring with them deep insight into the sector, which results in perfect opportunities.

We are your partner on an “eye to eye” basis. Someone who translates the most difficult financial issues into generally understandable language, who applies a new work ethic, who embraces rather than excludes, who makes things understandable and shares knowledge. Competent expertise. And comprehensive industry knowledge. We know the real estate market. Because we have a large network and always have an ear to the ground.

We are experts who think outside the box and advise our clients in a sustainable and completely unprejudiced manner, with full respect for their environment and fellow human beings. But show no respect for externally determined boundaries.

We always advise you as we would like to be advised ourselves.


We have principles. And values. Values that we live and work by.


We make sure that all interactions with us are respectful and sincere.


We have the firm intention to always create persuasive added value.


We have the strong motivation to make our contribution to the progress of the industry and to financial success.

We are the first port of call for sustainable asset development.

We are a driving force that combines strategic vision and a person of trust in one.

We are close to the real estate market, know what opportunities are available, have many years of experience as acquisition and transaction consultants and give our clients the best possible basis for successful decisions.

With comprehensive advice, entrepreneurial thinking and the highest quality of service, we make it possible to make essential decisions for the financial future of our clients.

We work enthusiastically to develop customised solutions and trend-setting solutions for you.

We are your one-stop service for real estate transactions.

Our interest is not over when a property deal is closed. We offer an all-inclusive service and are dedicated to accompanying our clients in the long-term from purchase to exit.

As an independent trusted service provider, which eases the burden on you at every stage and in every question and provides real guidance. Always flexible enough to adapt our working methods to our customers.

Try us out!


Your benefits at a glance

  • We are entrepreneurs ourselves and use all our experience, passion and assertiveness to ensure your economic success.

  • With our wide-ranging expert knowledge and our large network, we cater to your individual requirements and develop tailor-made investment solutions. At the highest level and as equals.

  • We provide access to limited investment opportunities.

  • We offer comprehensive service and accompany you in the long term – from purchase to exit. We are your one-stop service for real estate transactions.


Investment objectives and strategies
Acquisition via network (brokers, bankers, lawyers, notaries, architects, surveyors, owners, property management, energy suppliers, private individuals)

Acquisition by telephone

Acquisition by e-mail

Online platforms

Exchange of information in person or through real estate media

Desktop analysis of the properties (identify and point out potentials).

Letter of Intent (LOI)
Non-disclosure agreement


Business plan + create investment brochure

Hidden potentials, SWOT analysis, usage concepts, synergy effects.

Preparation, coordination with the notary’s office
Support in drafting the sales contract

Technical Due Diligence (Inhouse/ if required with a surveyor → Building)

Legal Due Diligence (coordination with a specialist lawyer for real estate law
Tax Due Diligence (Share Deal → Coordination with a tax) consultant

Valuation of the property

Purchase price determination

Management of questions and answers (Q&A), negotiation strategy


→ Required financing documents, forms of financing, loan collateral, financing indication.

Negotiation → Showing solutions
Mediator between Seller/Buyer

Necessary documents concerning the property

Documentation (e.g. building files and the register of building charges, floor plans or the general documentation on changes to the existing properties)

Data room

Hedging the purchase price

Decision makers and templates



Wrap-up work with the notary’s office

Business plan, budget, controlling


Document management and security

Selection of service providers Management of service providers

Property and tenant support

Receivables management

Liquidity management




Risk management and compliance


Construction Management

Refurbishment, project development


Selection of suitable marketing channels and media, direct approaches, selection and control of sales partners

Portfolio management

Our diverse portfolio management activities make it easy to coordinate the entire portfolio and increase sales in the best possible way. This makes our transaction advisory services an excellent choice for investors in order to benefit from structured processes and well thought-out project completion.

Property sourcing

Not every property is suitable for a successful deal. This is why the right sourcing strategy can ensure that the acquisition of new properties is targeted and active. We would also be happy to support you in finding the right service providers to make your project solution even more structured and comprehensible.

Asset management

When it comes to managing your assets, you are on the safe side with our asset management and service providers. This way you can keep a structured overview of the value of your real estate at all times and make the right decisions. We provide you with a clear overview of your investment volume and are your partner for coordinated asset management.

Conducting negotiations

When it comes to the purchase or sale of a property or an entire portfolio, you depend on professional negotiations. We have the perfect approaches for successful negotiations, so that every negotiation can proceed exactly as you expect.

We are your independent, trusted service provider.

We stepped forward to show that there are other ways of doing business, that knowledge can be shared without losing customers or opportunities, that access to networks, real estate markets and opportunities must be opened up in order to maximise success, that complexity must be radically simplified and sovereign knowledge reduced in order to provide truly sustainable and successful advice, and that no option should be overlooked if things are to turn out well.

Make it happen.


Okitonga Memba
Founder & Entrepreneur


I had the pleasure of getting to know Mr. Memba as a very pleasant, reliable and open-minded network partner. I consider him to be a man of integrity and highly qualified in his field of business and am already looking forward to the next personal meeting with him.

Thomas Portmann
Transaction Manager


Expertise paired with sympathy and a smart buying and selling strategies – these are the characteristics of Mr. Memba, who we all really appreciate in the Berlin real estate market. His successes are not least due to his tireless efforts.

Claus Bleser
Managing Director EWG Vermögensverwaltung GmbH


It was a pleasure to do business with Mr Okitonga Memba. The collaboration was always honest, fair and absolutely professional. Thank you very much, Mr Memba!

Christian Falb
Christian Falb Immobilien (CFI)


Real estate business is people business! A very fitting “wisdom” when working with Mr Memba ! Thanks for the consistently smooth transactions since 2017.

Oliver Pelz
Managing Director


For me, Mr. Memba is the perfect example of an acquisition specialist – he is multi-faceted, charismatic and most importantly: he also has the professional competence to correctly assess and analyse an investment.

André Pilß
Managing Director


Mr. Memba is a reliable, serious, pleasant and humane business partner. I would be very pleased to do business with him again in the future.

Ralf Appel


We can look back on a smooth transaction with Mr Memba as a reliable, flexible and professional cooperation partner. The cooperation was characterised by mutual trust and excellent communication, upon which we can look back positively.

Tobias Bajtel
Head of Sales at David Borck


I value Oki as a well-connected and competent contact person for the Berlin real estate market, with whom I enjoy constantly exchanging information. His strong track record in the transaction market and his “ear to the ground” stand out in addition to his friendly, human manner.

Julius Stinauer
Analyst Privatbank Hamburg


Dear Mr. Memba, even though we have already been working together very successfully for many years, I would like to thank you once again for the highly professional, trusting and results-driven relationship. It is a real pleasure to be able to count you among our close business partners. I look forward to many more years together.

Delano Kyles


Oki was always a highly motivated employee during our time together at W&W Real Estate. He displayed a wealth of ideas when it came to transactions and convinced with his structured and smooth conduct. I particularly liked the fact that he never gave up and was consistently positive. Deal-making is part of his DNA! W&W Real Estate GmbH is a family-run business and Oki is part of it. He is someone whom I always see as a person of trust and whom I would involve in any structure or future project without hesitation.

Friedemann Weck
Managing Director


The collaboration with Mr Memba was transparent, honest and fast.  His solution-oriented approach paired with his professional expertise and empathy have inspired us. We would be delighted to recommend you and we look forward to doing further business together.

Christopher W. Brée
Managing Director CWB Immobilienvermittlung GmbH


During my time as the CEO and co founder of ADO Properties, Oki was always full of motivation. He always thought outside the box and never gave up while perusing the highest results. His humanity, social interaction with his peers, open-minded approach and intercultural competence, let him often to solve difficult negotiation situations and bring it to a successful closure.

He was at all time a trustworthy employee whom I will integrate in any structure and will always be a great asset to any company. If you need to discuss this matter with me in a personal meeting or a call, I’ll be happy to speak with you.

Rabin Savion
former CEO

It’s a luxury to be able to decide for yourself as to whom you do business with and with whom you don’t do business. A privilege that I personally enjoy very much.  I’m delighted to sell to Oki!!!

Caspar Geyer
Managing Partner Caspar Geyer Grundstücksgesellschaft mbH


I’ve only ever known Mr Memba as a reliable business partner. Always solution-oriented, competent, honest, reliable and quick. Always a pleasure!

René Bajon


Oki Memba brings everything you could wish for in a business partner! He’s personable, competent, persistent and fast. Oki has its finger on the pulse of the market and has an excellent network. I also think his “social commitment” to making the real estate market accessible to people who might have reservations about it is great, for example through his activities in the social media.

Oki knows how to engage with all partners “on an equal footing”. And thus he almost always succeeds in enthusing even the most diverse people and making business possible. And one thing never falls by the wayside when working with Oki: fun! After eleven transactions to date – as of December 2021 – and eight of them in the last two years, I can only highly recommend Oki Memba as an advisor and agent.

Philipp Eisenberg
Engel & Völkers


I’ve come to know Mr Memba as a very professional and extremely congenial business partner. His ability to act quickly, the ever-present transparency and the detailed checks when handling the purchases are exemplary. With his cheerful and positive nature, I’m already looking forward to doing deals with him again. Keep up the good work!

Lutz Freiherr von Entreß-Fürsteneck
CEO Fürsteneck GmbH


Working with Mr. Memba is distinguished by the balance between professional reliability and human interaction.

Thierry Louvieaux
Managing Director


Oki is a technically competent and professional partner who is very pleasant on a personal level. Due to his creative methods and uncomplicated arrangements, working together is efficient and results-driven. I look forward to further projects with him.

Nedjelko Prodanovic
Managing Director


Working with Oki was once again a very friendly and cooperative partnership. At the end of the day, we do business with people and the real estate industry needs more people with values and loyalties that Oki exemplifies every day.

Nino Nowak
Managing Director of JUNIQO Invest




With our customers’ projects. Or as we lovingly call them: our Memba!

And we would like to introduce some of them here. To give you an even better picture. Of our comprehensive and detailed range of services and our very own high standards.


Christian Falb Immobilien (CFI)

The task:

CFI was commissioned with brokering an apartment building in a social environment protection neighbourhood within Berlin’s Kreuzberg district. The seller was a community of heirs and consisted of a large number of owners, some of whom were also legally represented. A buyer was sought for this who was prepared to take on protracted and not always straightforward negotiations, and who would also pay the required purchase price.

The approach:

After we had offered the apartment building to Mr Memba, a viewing appointment was arranged with him and his team at very short notice, so that an architect/technician was already present at the initial viewing and could immediately gain an impression. Within two days we had a purchase offer with proof of creditworthiness and a financing commitment that corresponded to that envisaged by the sellers.


Difficulties and obstacles arose time and again when preparing the purchase contract due to the often-quarrelling sellers. Furthermore, documents concerning the building were not available. Mr Memba always dealt with these special situations with composure and tact, and was ultimately instrumental in reaching agreement with all parties involved and achieving a good result for all.


Mr Benedikt Lemberger

The task:

Purchase an apartment building in an attractive neighbourhood in Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg district within a very short time.

The approach:

Based on initial key facts provided on the phone, Mr Memba was quickly able to register strong interest. The viewing, which took place at short notice, confirmed the first impression, enabling agreement to be reached on the purchase price within just a few days.

The result:

Purchase of an apartment building in a very good condition and situated in a top location in Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg district, with potential for converting the rooftop attic space.


Mr Bernd Ehre

The task:

The aim was to help the joint heirs, who had no knowledge of residential real estate, to sell their apartment building in Berlin-Steglitz to their maximum satisfaction.

The approach:

The property was bequeathed to the next of kin and, after all the heirs agreed, was offered for sale. Memba Real Estate was able to position the property optimally on the market and sell it at the best price. The sales process presented both professional and interpersonal challenges that needed to be overcome. Extensive disagreements among the heirs exacerbated the transaction process, which was considerably impacted by this. However, together with the heirs, a suitable buyer was nevertheless identified. MRE led this sales project through its mix of social competence, professional expertise, experience and the will of all the parties involved to conclude a successful sale.

The result:

As acquisition and transaction advisor between the sellers and the buyer, MRE successfully acquired a very well-maintained old building in Berlin-Steglitz. Once again, MRE satisfied the sellers and buyers to the maximum both with its professionalism and human and emphatic approach.


Onya Memba
Project Manager at BBT

The task:

Buying his own rental flat.

The approach:

Through Memba Real Estate’s excellent network, Mr Memba was informed that his flat would soon be up for sale. Mr Memba’s professional expertise meant that he didn’t need any assistance in assessing the structural fabric of the residential unit or communal spaces. MRE’s network enabled it, however, to provide assistance in negotiating the sales process with the seller, especially when it came to the financing and communication.

The result:

Because MRE was able to find a suitable financier and notary within its broad network, Mr Memba was able to realise his dream of becoming a home owner.


Mrs Annemarie S.

The task:

Prompt sale of a single-family house due to the ongoing deterioration of the client’s state of health.

The approach:

The client had previously tried unsuccessfully to sell her detached house on the outskirts of Berlin by commissioning an estate agent. Unfortunately, she’d felt neither competently advised nor treated humanely, and withdrew the commission from the estate agent. Through a mutual contact, the elderly lady became a client of Memba Real Estate. Although MRE’s core business is not concerned with selling single-family homes, an efficient process was successfully developed in a timely manner. After a very short time, a suitable buyer was identified and the negotiations were successfully concluded for both sides.

The result:

With its experience in transactions, expertise and empathy, MRE was able to support Mrs S. so that she could successfully complete her “last” project.


Nowak family

The task:

Conceiving a sales process for a property.

The approach:

The sales process started with an inspection and valuation of the property. An enquiry was then made to the relevant building authority as to what would be permitted on this plot according to the development plan. The aim was to show potential buyers about the possibilities for building on the property. Intensive discussions with the family regarding the pricing and personal aspects behind the sale  helped MRE conceive and implement a suitable sales process. A sustainable group of potential buyers was successfully identified after just a few weeks. The final buyer was decided upon during a personal eye-to-eye meeting.

The result:

Despite a lack of experience in selling properties, MRE successfully helped a long-standing family friend and his family sell the property and bring them closer to their dream of living abroad.


Mr Miles Cuban
Managing Director Kühle Immobilien GbR

The task:

The brokerage of a private individual’s apartment building with very little existing sales documentation, in a time window set by the seller.

The procedure:

After an inspection of the property at short notice, including getting to know some of the tenants, Memba Real Estate submitted a serious purchase offer for the buyer, which paved the way for a dialogue at an equal level between all parties involved. Thanks to the authoritative and highly professional approach of Memba Real Estate and their excellent network, it was possible to negotiate an individual draft purchase contract.

The result:

Successful brokerage of the property and another happy client.


Mr Georg Görke
IT entrepreneur

The task:

The plan involved switching roles from tech entrepreneur to private owner. To achieve this, Memba Real Estate advised Mr. Görke so that he would have a better understanding of residential real estate in general.

The procedure:

During detailed discussions, potential properties were defined on the basis of personal property requirements and the various steps and processes for a successful and sustainable portfolio development strategy were outlined.

The result:

As a successful tech entrepreneur, the regular exchange led to a win-win situation for both sides. On one hand, Memba Real Estate had the all-round knowledge he needed in order to successfully acquire one or more apartment buildings and manage them in a value-enhancing way. On the other hand, Mr Görke could design practical, cutting-edge digital solutions for the real estate market.


Mr Nino Nowak
Managing Director of JUNIQO Invest GmbH

The task:

Transaction structuring for the purchase of two apartment buildings by a Swiss fund in Berlin-Wedding and Moabit

The procedure:

After receiving the first property documents, Memba Real Estate immediately visited the properties with us. After analysing the property-specific and complex data situation, MRE structured the transaction quickly in a purposeful manner. The negotiation of the purchase contract was very cooperative and focused on finding a solution.

The result:

Successful sale of two apartment buildings.


Mr Nevin Jawardi

The task:

First purchase of a residential property, both for owner-occupation and for rental as an investment.

The procedure:

Mr Jawardi approached Memba Real Estate after several unsuccessful attempts to purchase an apartment building. After a detailed discussion, MRE was able to successfully support Mr Jawardi in identifying a suitable property to purchase. The necessary bank documents were prepared and the relevant partners (financier, surveyor and notary) were put together to form a team.

The result:

A very satisfied customer due to the successful first purchase of an apartment building. And the promise to acquire further properties together with Memba Real Estate.


Mr Andreas Haufe
Managing Director of Werner Kühn Immobilien GmbH

The task:

Memba Real Estate is tasked with managing and implementing the acquisition and transaction process for our national and international clients. Our role here is to advise our clients on the purchase or sale of their real estate assets and to accompany the processes in a goal-focused manner.

The procedure:

At the beginning of the transaction, the owners’ price expectations differed significantly from those of the market, the broker and Memba Real Estate. Multiple inspections, technical surveys and the resulting economic consequences provided the decisive basis to finally lead the long and hard negotiations to a successful conclusion. Perfect interaction and trust between Mr Haufe and MRE were decisive for this.

The result:

Purchase of an apartment building in good condition with development potential in a prime location in Berlin-Neukölln.


Michael Brand
CEO of MB Advisors

The task:

Memba Real Estate is tasked with managing and implementing the acquisition and transaction process for our national and international clients. Our role here is to advise our clients on the purchase or sale of their real estate assets and to accompany the processes in a goal-focused manner.

The procedure:

Initially, Memba Real Estate prepares acquisition profiles that are individually tailored to the needs of our clients. These profiles provide a rough outline of which properties are suitable for purchase. The results presented by Memba Real Estate are always appropriate and are consistently aligned with the needs of our clients. This type of approach is rare.

The result:

A long-term and sustainable partnership for the acquisition of residential and commercial properties in Berlin.


Dr. Oliver Klein
Tax consultant & CEO BARTSCH Steuerberatungs GmbH

The task:

Looking for a one-stop service in acquiring and maintaining real estate: Mandate to purchase residential and commercial properties in Berlin (volume from € 1.5 million <) and all related activities. After acquisition of the property, continued strategic management as asset manager until exit.

The procedure:

A complex screening process should follow the development of an individual strategy tailored to the request. Thanks to the wide variety of properties and Memba Real Estate’s top-class network, the pre-defined targets could be identified quickly and in a goal-focused manner. The whole process was tailor-made for us at all times in a transparent, competent and flexible manner.

The result:

successful acquisition of our first property in Berlin. And the beginning of a special cooperation.

Let’s meet for coffee.

We look forward to it!



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c/o nfuse solutions GmbH
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Tel.: +49 (0)172 301 51 24

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